More American Families Might Just Rent Their Homes in the Future

The real estate crash that began in 2008 was a real eye opener for many American families, but some experts believe that the true impact of the event is only now starting to become clear. While real estate markets across the country have mostly recovered from the plummeting valuations that followed the bursting of that bubble, some analysts believe that deeper structural developments are now starting to reconfigure the very nature of American home ownership. As a post at makes clear, while this could see many fewer families owning homes in the future, it also represents an attractive business opportunity for those with the capital to take advantage.

Single-family home purchases in the United States have long been regarded as part of the American dream, and plenty of effort has been put into trying to make this a reality for as many residents as possible. While many different factors contributed to the 2008 real estate crash, there can be no denying, for example, that the wide availability of government supported loans at least helped to set the stage. Likewise do homeowners everywhere benefit from especially rewarding perks of other kinds, such as the mortgage interest tax deduction that is among the most valuable, in aggregate, granted by the federal government. Should any significant combination of these pieces start to shift out of place through changes in policy, far fewer Americans might find home ownership practical, as a result.

Even if the federal government remains committed to encouraging and supporting single-family home ownership as it has in the past, other developments could well alter the landscape in the same basic way. While some local markets have yet to match the peak prices they saw in the years just before the 2008 real estate crash, many others nationwide have long since surged far beyond their own earlier high water marks. Combined with stagnating wages for a great many Americans and other factors like steadily rising healthcare costs, these prices alone can make it seem as if owning a home were simply out of reach. With many more American families likely to be renting homes instead, in the future, Wall Street investors and others are therefore starting to look into how best to profit from this prospect.